Smart RVM system


Smart RVM system is a set of devices and applications supporting the process of recovery of beverage packaging – PET bottles, caps and aluminium cans.
The system motivates to return packaging to the bottle machine offering attractive benefits for the customer, settled through loyalty applications on a smartphone or a printed coupon.

The management software controls the operation of networked bottling machines. Parameters such as machine condition, failures and filling level are monitored on an ongoing basis. Important alerts are sent to the operator. The software also enables remote configuration of the machines.

The database of deposited packages is created according to the EAN codes of the returned packages. Reports on the quantity and type of packaging can be forwarded to the units concerned.

The SMART RVM system has been designed to ensure a clean waste stream and a closed circuit of raw materials, so important for recyclers and manufacturers.

The solution is ready to cooperate with the BDO Integration Module, i.e. products and packaging databases and waste management. It is possible to upgrade to a deposit system.


Smart RVM machine

Unrivaled on the European market.

A new 2020 project built using the latest technologies.

Compact design, intuitive, touchless operation and LED display for broadcasting advertising spots and educational films.

Full cooperation with incentive systems, waste database. Managed remotely by work control software, adapted to the cloud connection into a network of bottling machines.

Bottle machine for 3 fractions (PET bottles, ALU cans and caps) provides recovery of clean, segregated raw material and meets the criteria to ensure a closed circuit of raw materials.

The machine is designed and manufactured in Poland.
High standards of production in accordance with quality management systems, as well as the latest technical ideas and branded components, ensure the highest quality, efficiency, safety and guarantee, reliability and long-term use.


Work control


Using the most modern information technology, we have created a program to control the operation of the machine in the cloud.
Parameters such as machine status, failures and filling level are monitored on an ongoing basis. Important alerts are sent in the GSM system to the operator and other interested recipients.
The system connects the machines into a network, which facilitates their operation. It allows for continuous monitoring and sending GSM alerts concerning the status of the machines, e.g. about the level of filling, lack of network or failure.

The system also records data on collected waste according to packaging EAN codes.
From the created database it is possible to generate and send reports on the type and quantity of collected packages to the producer, recycling plant or other interested entities.

The solution is ready to cooperate with the BDO Integration Module.
The device can be upgraded to operate in a deposit system.

The management system is also a tool for remote configuration of the SMART machine.


We integrate Smart RVMs with external loyalty programs to encourage customers to give away packaging in exchange for the benefits set by the operator.

The program offers points for returned packaging, which are charged to the user’s account via the application or encoded in the QR code on the printed receipt.

By scanning the code from the application displayed on the smartphone, the process of giving back the packages is completed and at the same time the points earned are sent to the individual account. The user can use the bonuses in the offers of programme partners.

The motivational system supports the activities of local governments in the pursuit of maximum recovery of clean raw materials.

We provide:



We provide training in the use of the machine in a stationary and on-line form.

Technical support during the whole life cycle of the machines, telephone and remote support during service hours.

The machines are under constant monitoring of the control system.


Warranty and post-warranty service at the place of installation of the automats, provided by authorized service points (24-hour reporting system).

Alerts about the condition of the machine are transmitted from the control system directly to the service department.


24 month hardware and software warranty.


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