About Us

The enterprise was established in order to continue the company’s development strategy, distribution and production of Smart RVM (Smart Reverse Vending Machine) – return machines for PET type packaging waste and aluminum cans. After three years of cooperation between the representative in Poland S-Profit and RethinkPlaying SL, an agreement of r3Think Polska Sp. z o.o. was established and signed on 14 February 2017 in Szczecin. The company’s objective is to strengthen the brand through further marketing activities and to build and enrich customer relations.

In January 2020, due to the global market volatility caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, we decided to design and manufacture in Poland a new model of the RVM machine Smart RVM in order to create consistency of the customer service system, optimise deliveries and service.

To this purpose we have started cooperation with leading Polish companies such as Research and Development Centre Autocomp Management Sp. z o.o. (implementation of automation and control systems) and Mentor Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. (production of audiovisual systems, interactive technologies).

The effect of this cooperation is the finalisation of design works and production of a prototype of a new Smart RVM machine model in August 2020.



We help to clean up

Plastikowa planeta


We have focused on protecting the environment, creating products that improve the quality of our lives and the life of future generations. Our Smart RVM bottle and can return systems provide good technical, economic and ecological instruments for more efficient waste management. We continue to look for new solutions that can influence our future.

Our solutions are an excellent proposal for institutions, companies, schools, cities and municipalities interested in eco-innovation.